Mysterious Gold-Colored Chariot Washes Ashore in India - But Where Did It Come From?

Mysterious Gold-Colored Chariot Washes Ashore In India – But Where Did It Come From?

Conny Waters – – Something quite astonishing happened in India where a puzzling piece of debris was spotted in the Sunnapalli Sea Harbor in the state of Andhra Pradesh on Tuesday as Cyclone Asani was pounding the region.

Surprised residents living along a beach swam out to retrieve what turned out to be a mysterious gold-colored chariot. Speaking to news agency ANI, an official said that the chariot might have come from another country, adding intelligence and higher officials have been informed.

Mysterious Gold-Colored Chariot Washes Ashore in India - But Where Did It Come From?

Police suspect it could be of Myanmar origin. Image: ANI

SI Naupada says, “It might’ve come from another country. We’ve informed Intelligence & higher officials.”

Speculations on social media suggested this was an ancient chariot that may have belonged to an unknown underwater city. However, even though there are many still undiscovered ancient submerged cities there is no reason to assume this particular object is old at all.

“The object, which looked more like a floating puja mandir, was found with an inscription of a date, 16-01-2022, on it. The locals pulled it ashore after which the police took control of it, but everyone was clueless about how it drifted this far.

According to a PTI report, the police suspect it could be of Myanmar origin. It is made of tin sheet and given a gold-colored coating. It looked like a puja mandir on wheels, the SI said.

There was none on board the chariot, the official added.

Meanwhile, rough sea current due to the cyclonic storm Asani is likely to have played part in causing the chariot to float adrift,” News 18 reports.

The Indian authorities are taking the case seriously and called in a bomb squad to ensure that the ‘vessel’ posed no danger to the public, which it did not, and they now plan to enlist experts to examine the chariot in the hopes of figuring out where its wild journey began.

“Cyclone Asani continues to disrupt the flight operations in Andhra’s Visakhapatnam and Tamil Nadu’s Chennai as all IndiGo flights were cancelled on Wednesday morning. The state also received rainfall in the morning as the cyclone barreled towards north coastal Andhra Pradesh,” the Hindustan Times reports.

Written by Conny Waters – Staff Writer

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