Meteorologists are surprised to see Blue Unidentified Object in the sky

A casual photographer, who didn’t believe in UFOs before this, captured the following incident on camera. He added that when he first saw it, he was ecstatic to have captured a good image of the sky and that after further analysis, he chose to see what specialists had to say about it all.

So, to his astonishment, he sent the snapshot of the weird blue orb to NH1 News. The response he received was far more ambiguous than he could have imagined.

Their skilled meteorologists, he said, shrugged at the image. The abnormality was most likely caused by sunlight piercing through the clouds, according to the researchers.

To say the least, this explanation was weak, as it didn’t make much sense to begin with. First and foremost, the encounter took place in the absence of clouds, and second, it was blue in hue, despite the fact that nothing else in the sky was blue.

So, because he wasn’t happy with it, he decided to try his luck by sending it to UFO Sightings Hotspot instead.

They said it was most likely a lens flare caused by an extraterrestrial UFO. They even presented evidence of a similar UFO lens flare taken on camera by NASA on June 11th.

Even NASA’s own spaceship was recorded on camera dumping two blue orbs on the planet as it gazed beyond the horizon, proving this idea.

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