Local residents were shocked when they discovered a mysterious jellyfish-shaped object appearing in the sky

An image of a cloud that looks like a jellyfish was captured by locals when it appeared in the sky above Amur Oblast, eastern Russia.

Residents of the Amur region spotted the glowing object flying overhead and posted a video of it on social media.

The video that quickly went viral showed something glowing in the sky, looking like a comet because of its rather long tail.

However, in recent т¡мes, there have not been any warnings from international space agencies about the appearance of comets or meteorites that flew past the Earth at close range.

Amazed onlookers made various speculations about the glowing object.

Some netizens thought it was a meteorite and it burned up when it entered the atmosphere.

Usually, meteors burn up as they enter the Earth’s atmosphere and this can create a trail of light behind.

However, they also often fall into the sea or uninhabited land, so they are not easy to detect.

Others have been more creative with their answers to various speculations such as whether it was an alien UFO, an asteroid or a comet.

Topics related to UFOs have always attracted the attention of the public for decades.my

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