Brit convinced he was spotted with ‘alien’ floating above the city in strange footage

A gardener is trying to get to the bottom of what he believes was a mysterious alien floating above Plymouth – although no one else appears to have seen it.

A Saucer-Shaped UFO Was Captured In Missouri During A Thunderstorm Gathering Lightning.

The thing seems to have some sort lightning-gathering antenna on top of it.

Mysteries of ancient ships in the middle of the desert: UFO help?

When we hear the phrase “ghost ship,” we usually imagine an abandoned ship with tattered sails, sailing somewhere in the ocean. Sometimes these mysterious ships are thrown on the shore, and there they continue to lie, gradually being covered with sand. But how do you explain the seagoing ships that are found from т¡мe to т¡мe in the middle of the deserts?

The “Teleport Gate to Another World” appeared in the sky of Vermont of the United States

In the last chapter of The End of the World as We Know It, scientists suggested the existence of a particle that could act as a portal to the fifth dimension.

A huge UFO similar to a humming comet moves extremely fast in the sky of the US

Residents of the city of Grand Rapids reported that last Friday at about 10 pm in the sky above the city for 15 minutes there was observed the flight of a very large and unusual object similar to a comet, but this similarity was given only by a kind of “tail” behind, but the object itself was a cigar with lights on the sides and making an unusual hum during the flight.

Scientists are troubled by the fact that the Great Pyramid of Giza has perfect alignment with the stars

The Pyramids of Giza are so old that even Cleopatra considered them to be ruins.

Silver UFO Filmed Over Chelmsford Seen By Group Of People In The UK

The man who contacted Essex Live said he was in his garden when he saw a small group of passers-by staring up into the sky. He wanted to remain anonymous which that’s not a bad thing because a lot of people still have old fashioned views about UFOs. In today’s world we’ve come a long way but there’s still a sizable group of small minded people who will want to make fun and belittle UFO believers and anyone else who has seen a UFO.

Spherical UFO filmed over Wheeler Peak, New Mexico

What do you think about this UAP sighting?

The Ufology community stirred with the image of the alien ‘Lady’ hiding behind a rock on Mars

From a photo of the rocky Martian landscape that NASA posted earlier, a Paranormal Crucible account on the Youtube website discovered a small alien-like creature hiding behind a rock. This discovery then made other network users extremely excited. Based on the figure of the strange creature above, мคหy internet users also confirmed that this is a Martian lady.

Scientists have yet to explain the existence of 3000-year-old Ancient Astronaut Artifacts and spacecraft artifacts

When I look at this I cannot mix it up with another similar looking ancient artefact or another known piece of ancient mechanisms or a huмคห powered weapon for that matter! But believe it or not there’s more than just 1 ancient looking spaceship that has been discovered on archeological digs. I’ve added a video at yhe bottom of this post with 5 different Ancient looking spaceships.

Spherical UFO plunges into the ocean in US Navy footage

A spherical unidentified flying object (UFO) hovers in midair, moves side to side like a ball in the “Pong” video game and then seems to dive into the ocean, in footage that was recently released online by a filmmaker who produces documentaries about UFOs.

The mysterious rocks on the Moon have moved on their own to avoid the crater

This isn’t one of the common strange Moon phenomena, such as Lunar UFOs or Aliens watching astronauts from the craters’ edges.

Shocking image of UFO preparing to take off with aliens standing next to it

The vast majority of individuals are completely unaware of what they are looking at. I’m not sure what kind of extraterrestrial we’re dealing with here, but it could be Greys from the Zeta star systems. This is the antigravity force field in action; you can hear the electric field motor rotating.

Something strange happened: A series of UFOs appeared over the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

On the night of December 3, 2020, something weird happened in the sky above the Giza pyramids: enigmatic bright objects appeared in the sky, one of which was very huge and had the shape of a diamond with other little balls moving close to it.

Strange 250-Meter Long Alien Base Was Discovered On The Moon

This unusual structure was found by a ufologist in 2013, but he chose to make sure it was not removed from NASA’s collection. As it turned out, the photograph of the item is still in situ and may be studied. According to Waring, the building is found in the 40-kilometer-wide crater Aristarchus.