What Happens If A US Navy Sailor Falls Off An Aircraft Carrier?

Over six thousand crew members are responsible for ensuring that all of the operations on an aircraft carrier are carried out perfectly. However, given the large number of people there, there is a possibility that someone will fall over into the sea. What happens when someone falls over and is missing in the sea?

The safety procedures on the aircraft carrier are guaranteed, and it is typically impossible for the crew to fall off the aircraft carrier. Nevertheless, there have been cases where aircraft carrier crew member still falls into the sea.

An example was when James Serrano, a member of the crew of an American aircraft carrier, fell into the water after tripping and falling off the aircraft carrier.

You should know that the typical contemporary aircraft carrier’s height can reach tens of meters. When a person touches the surface of the water after falling from an altitude of tens of meters, the tension on the surface will make them feel as if they are falling on cement. This is because of the force of gravity acting on the water.

Garcia-Herrera – a Navy sailor died after a fall aboard an aircraft carrier at Naval Station North Island in Coronado, California. He fell from an aircraft elevator on the USS Nimitz

Similar to the ground itself. Because of this, a person will likely die before they can be rescued if they fall off an aircraft carrier while in the incorrect position or if their head is the first part of their body to hit the water.

“In my twenty years of working on the roof this was always on my mind and I was almost blown over on more than one occasion. If you go over in the night and no one sees or hears you; you’re gone. By morning muster the ship would be to far from where you went into the ocean to ever find you.

If you go in daylight and the fantail watch sees you he will throw a marker buoy into the water to mark your approx. location. They sound “Man Overboard” and the entire ship turns in a very large circle back towards your location. This along with the helicopter and motor launch, Oh and small boys behind the carrier head towards your location. If your really lucky you get picked up in 20 min give or take.

However, I was on the USS Ranger back in ’76 walking, on the hangar deck, towards the after mess deck for breakfast. A brig rat(inmate) out for morning PT broke ranks and ran for the port elevator and jumped overboard. I watched him but from way to far away to stop him.

The marine was a few steps away from him but missed as he went over. I cursed because I knew there would be no breakfast that morning. All they ever found of him was his leg. The theory was that he went down into the ship’s propellor and was cut to pieces. Which was another reason I was very careful never to go over the side.”

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