Detecting UFOs lying in the ground containing “Alien Bodies” in Russia

Coal miners in Russia have discovered a strange flying saucer lying in the ground and describe it as “a crashed UFO”.

A video posted to a popular YouTube conspiracy channel – SecureTeam10 – shows Russian miners unearthing a strange flying saucer.

This group of miners, a member of the Kuzbassarazrezugol mining company, found this UFO while mining in a remote area of Volgograd at a depth of about 40 meters below. ground.

This flying saucer is about 1.2m in diameter and weighs about 200kg.

The narrator in the video above states: “This object is coated with a tungsten metal called tungsten (a hard gray metal used to make alloy steel and the filaments in electric light bulbs)… is a metal commonly used in industry that belongs to the military.”

Th is UFO looks like a classic alien spaceship.

“Tungsten is one of the materials with the highest melting point and is often used to make objects launched into space because they can withstand the extremely high temperatures when an object enters the atmosphere.”

The narrator in the video suggests that theories that “these objects actually contain the bodies of aliens” are now widely circulated.

“Clearly they look like man-made, all in the shape of a flying saucer…not to mention the fact that they are found so deep underground.”

This UFO has a diameter of 1.2m.

The excavator operator and the one who found the object, Boris Glazkow said: “It is very difficult to detect, it is very special and very large. I have never seen anything like this object, apparently man-made, right here and out of nowhere. It’s a real mystery.”

One of his colleagues, Arthur Presnyakow, added: “There were actually two similar objects, but the first one broke when it was pulled out of the ground by the shovel.”

“They’re obviously man-made, they’re all in the shape of a flying saucer.”

“We assumed we must have seen something, as it was broken into pieces, but when the second one showed up, we stopped working and carefully removed it from the bucket.”

However, those who commented on this video said that the evidence was not convincing.

Someone wrote: “It looks like a millstone”.

Another said: “Why would anyone think it’s a UFO just because they have the shape of a flying saucer?”

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