Close-up of extraterrestrial artificial satellite Black Knight has been orbiting Earth for nearly 13,000 years in space

The satellite’s story is basically a recollection of мคหy stories and мคหy interpretations, all of them thoroughly documented and investigated by experts.

The origins of the Black Knight dates back from 1889 when Nikola Tesla’s radio experiments noticed it accidentally. It was also noticed by an amateur operator called Jorgen Hals in Oslo, Norway in 1928.

At the same т¡мe, in 1954 ufologist Donald Keyhoe told newspapers that the US Air force has detected two satellites orbiting around Earth, something that was impossible since no country had the technology to launch a satellite.

Moving forward in т¡мe, in 1960, т¡мE reported that the US Navy had detected a strange object that was thought to belong to the Soviet Union, however, an article revealed that the object in question was the remains of an Air Force Discoverer VIII satellite that had gone astray.

The mysterious object known as Black Knight continued to appear in the following years, as it was the case in 1963 when astronaut Gordon Cooper reported a UFO sighting that was accordingly confirmed by the tracking station.

Also in 1973, Duncan Lunan analyzed some radio echoes received by Hals and speculated that they could originate from a more or less 13.000 years old extra-terrestrial probe located on the orbit of the moon.

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