Alien ‘gateway’ structure on Mars: More evidence of alien life

An archway-like structure believed to have been built by aliens has been captured by NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover during its eight-year journey past the Red Planet. Although the alien ruins look like strangely shaped rocks at first glance, UFO hunters still believe this may be true.

Image of strange structures on Mars.

According to Mr. Waring’s analysis of the NASA images, the Martian rocks are part of an ancient structure that has been lost over т¡мe. The arch appearing in the NASA photo is estimated to be no more than 45cm tall. In which мคหy other structures may be hidden under the sand.

Scott C Waring thinks this is part of a buried structure on Mars.

With what is found, Scott C Waring thinks that the NASA photos are clear evidence of extraterrestrial activity on the Red Planet.

“I found a door standing alone at the foot of a hillside on Mars. The details are amazing. The arch is only about 45cm high. However, I believe the bottom part of the doorway is buried. underneath the dust from the hillside, so it could be twice as high. The doorway is of course part of a larger structure that no longer exists,” Scott C Waring analyzed.

Although the image has poor resolution, Scott C Waring says there are unusual touches in the trimming around the doorway.

“Any door that leads you to a deeper self-knowledge is a worthwhile one,” emphasizes Scott C Waring.

Scott C Waring is famous for his statements regarding the existence of alien life. This is not the first т¡мe Waring has shared claims regarding Mars. Earlier in 2020, Scott C Waring also shared photos of what he claims is an anthropomorphic alien buried on Mars.

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