Alien Abduction and UFOs: Why Are Grays So Common?

Grey Aliens, sometimes called Zeta Reticulans, Roswell Greys, or just Grays, are defined by their humanoid forms, long limbs, large black eyes, small noses, thin mouths, and of course, gray skin or gray clothing. They are some of pop culture’s most recognizable representations of extraterrestrial life. But where did this depiction of extraterrestrials come from, and why are Grays the ones mostly responsible for all the abductions?

Professor David Jacobs says that one physiological trait might establish that all Gray aliens are descended from kidnapped individuals, as they are typically represented as scary duplicates of humans in popular culture.

A researcher who has researched extraterrestrial life has suggested an odd explanation, stating that the Grays were made using abducted people’s DNA.

Alien Abduction and UFOs: Why Are Grays So Common?
Alien Abduction and UFOs: Why Are Grays So Common? 1

Despite their popularity in films like these, no scientific evidence supporting gray aliens’ existence has ever been presented.

However, ufologist and Temple University history professor David Jacobs has continually asserted that aliens are roaming the Earth and are planning a “complete invasion.”

And now, appearing on The Richard Dolan Show, the professor has proposed a theory

on how the grays came to be, saying that they may have resulted from trials on abducted individuals.

Before giving out his argument, he stresses that “when individuals say they’ve been abducted, they’re virtually invariably talking about gray aliens.” “They utilized a piece of us when we were taken to produce gray aliens.”

“Grey aliens have two large black eyes, which leads me to believe they may have human DNA.” For the ears, there are two openings. This is critical since you can’t live normally unless you can hear everything around you.”

Alien Abduction and UFOs: Why Are Grays So Common?
Alien Abduction and UFOs: Why Are Grays So Common? 2

Grays, like humans, are commonly distinguished by having two nostril openings, according to David. However, he believed that the Grays have a slit for their mouth, which he felt was absurd.

“Why do they have a slit for their mouth?” says the narrator. They don’t breathe, and there’s no proof that they do,” he added, “yet they go extremely near to humans, sometimes touching their foreheads.”

“Do you feel their breath on your face?” I asked eyewitnesses. No is always the answer. They don’t have lungs, they have extremely little bodies, and their lungs don’t inflate and contract.”

“They interact telepathically rather than talking. They do not eat in the same manner humans do. So, why does the mouth have a gap? The reality is that these grays carry human DNA, which is how they became gray.”

Everything occurs for a reason, according to the professor. There’s a reason behind everything. Only time will tell if it will be an invasion or something else.

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