A Strange Woman Walking On The Surface Of Mars Is Stalking NASA’s Curiosity Rover

The only reason why we say that we’ve discovered nothing as of yet is that none of this is documented since NASA claims that there is nothing on Mars at all and yet they constantly prove themselves wrong through their own released pictures of the red planet.

Recently, thanks to Scott Waring, one of the top virtual archeologists of our time, we’ve uncovered yet another damning picture from the red planet which showcases the silhouette of a woman spying on NASA’s Curiosity rover.

She is seen standing on a cliff and because of this, there have been dozens of theories popping up out of nowhere regarding her existence and what it could all mean.

Warring believes that she is either alive and from the future, either a statue of a Martian dweller or even a Martian altogether.

She could even be a ghost, but if that were true then would that mean that the ghosts we see on our own planet are actually Martians spying on us? Only time will tell.

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