A large UFO hovering over Lake Erie – Ohio recorded: serious and not a hoax

The reason as to why this was taken so seriously and not a hoax, as it would have usually been taken as is because this is not the first case that we’ve heard of from the Great Lakes.

In case you didn’t know already, these Great Lakes are often referred to as the “Cursed Triangle” of the United States because a lot of boats, planes, ships, and even people randomly vanish out of thin air here. This has made the spot quite a focal point for ufologists all around the globe.

On the 23rd of 1950 for example the Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 2501 disappeared right over Lake Michigan, never to be seen again. The father and son were luckier in this regard, but the picture that they took is quite strange and really looking, to say the least.

We always say that we should be skeptical, so let’s argue why we consider this to be an unaltered picture, to begin with. First of all, you can see that the saucer is reflected on the surface of the lake; secondly, the water seems quite agitated, as if some amount of force was put on it despite the object being over 6 meters above the lake.

That and the video is honestly just quite jarring to see, the camera moves around and that’s very hard to alter and if you know anything about altering then you know this to be true.

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