The most convincing UFO photo in history has been published by scientists

The high-resolution photograph has been called “the most convincing U̳F̳O̳ photograph ever”. The picture was published only 50 years after this event.

Facts About: China Tests its New Gigantic $9 Billion Aircraft Carrier

America has always been a key figure in the marketplace for aircraft carriers but Chinese latest development of a brand new Type-003 aircraft carrier for $9 billion may very well just be the thing that pushes China across the finish line first, securing it’s much coveted title of ‘world leader’.

Scientists claim about: Aliens are already on Earth, but we can’t see them

Astronomers have been peering into the night sky in an attempt to study the universe for thousands of years, but only recently have we developed technology that allows us to “see” the cosmos farther than our eyes can see.

Russian Alligators and American Apaches: Egypt’s New Carriers Deploy Both of the World’s Most Dangerous Attack Helicopters – WHAT’S THAT?

Each warship can deploy 16 rotary wing aircraft, and depending on the types of helicopters the ships can be used for logistical missions, anti submarine ωλɾʄλɾɛ and amphibious assault. Egypt’s lack of high endurance destroyers, however, means the range of these ships as power projection assets remains limited due to the lack of a viable escort.

Found the ancient tomb of the god Osiris? – Right under the Sphinx

The tomb itself is a massive multi-level construction with several rooms and tunnels.

Just How Powerful Is SeaRAM Missile System? China’s Ancient Embankment “Spear” In The South China Sea

he SeaRAM combines the radar and electrooptical system of the Phalanx CIWS Mk-15 Block 1B with an 11-cell RAM launcher to produce an autonomous system—one which does not need any external information to engage threats. Like the Phalanx, SeaRAM can be fitted to any class of ship.

NASA Found Life On Mars 40 Years Ago, But Covered It Up For Political Reasons

According to Gilbert V. Levin, writing for the Scientific American blog, test results from this mission were returned to NASA on July 30, 1976, revealing that something was, in fact, alive on Mars in the distant past, despite the planet being uninhabitable today.

Barbel-Class: The U.S. Navy’s Last Non-Nuclear Submarines Were Special

The Barbel-Class

A Mysterious Papyrus Manuscript and a UFO Encounter in Ancient Egypt

The idea that UFOs and aliens were seen and experienced back through history is nothing new, and there are various stories such as these, very often leaving us frustrated in the absence of any real answers. One such case is that of an ancient Egyptian papyrus that allegedly contained perhaps one of the oldest accounts of alien contact there is, but which has gone on to remain lost and much debated.

USS Nautilus: You Can Soon Tour The World’s First Nuclear Attack Submarine

In retirement, the vessel is now the official ship of the state of Connecticut. She is maintained as a National Historic Landmark at the United State Navy’s Naval Submarine Base New London, Conn.

Whistleblower Claims That The Moon is Liveable Place – It Has Over 250 Million Humanoid Aliens

He claimed he has discovered strange structures on the surface of the Moon and even showed some images that would prove these affirmations.

U.S. Navy Carrier Fleet Grows to 20 Ships as 45,000 Ton USS Tripoli Enters Service

The ships are successors to the lighter 40,000 ton Wasp Class assault carriers of which seven are currently in service. America Class carriers are some of the most versatile in the world, and are capable of operating in a wide range of roles from conducting amphibious landings for several hundred U.S. Marines at a time to anti submarine warfare and serving as aircraft carriers. When used as carriers the ships can deploy up to 20 Harrier II or F-35B vertical landing capable fighters – both of which have short takeoff and vertical landing capabilities which compensate for the ships’ lack of catapult launch systems or arresting gear. The America Class ships are notably prized for their low cost relative to the Navy’s supercarriers, with each costing approximately $3.5 billion compared to around $13 billion each for the new 100,000 ton Gerald Ford Class ships.

The Curious Phaistos Disc – Ancient mystery or alien message?

The Phaistos (or Phaestos) Disc is a large, umber-colored, fired clay plate, about 15 cm (5.91 inches) in diameter and 1 cm (0.39 inches) thick. Both sides of the disc are covered with a spiral of strange stamped symbols, circling clockwise towards the disc’s center. It’s presumed the 45 unique symbols were made by pressing hieroglyphic seals into the damp, soft clay disc.

US Is Testing Monster Aircraft Carrier Shocked Russia And China

It’s not a toy boat like Moskva, but I don’t deny ,In a full scale war it can be destroy but after destroying the 40% of hostile Navy

1,400-year-old mermaid preserved at Tenshou-Kyousha Shrine

If the legends surrounding this hideous little goblin at the Tensho Kyosho Temple in Japan are to be believed, it might be the oldest mermaid ever. As the story goes, this creature is 1400 years old. According to the story, the mermaid first appeared to Prince Shotoku at Lake Biwa. With its last breaths, it told a story of woe: the miserable creature had been a fisherмคห who trespassed to fish in protected waters, and was now transformed into a hideous beast as punishment. Having learned his lesson, and wanting to be an example after his death, the mermaid asked the prince to found a temple to display his horrible, mu.m.mified remains as a very strange object lesson in the sanctity of life.